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We’re an event marketing agency that focuses on helping foreign brands enter and gain traction in the Japanese market. Every day, we help clients creating immersive experiences with that ignite the heart of their target customers in Asia.

We’re best known for creating dozens of events, experimental promotions, and viral content. If you’re looking to grow your brand presence through events, parties, popup stores, viral content creation, celebrity and influencer promotion, sponsorships, or brand-collaboration in Asia, then we can help you develop a plan and conduct it on your behalf. 

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“To add value to the world and our clients through our work by means of novelty and real-world interaction.”

How do we do it? Simple. Each of our team members is dedicated to one purpose: creating novel experiences that inspire awe with target audiences and bring brands to life.

Let’s face it: Expanding into Japan is hard.

Global Creations specializes in event marketing and experimental marketing strategies primarily in Japan and the surrounding Asian countries. We give your global brand message the undivided attention in Japan that you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to localize in Japan, contact us today to get your project going.

Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Experimental Marketing

Experimental Marketing

Experimental Marketing

Branch Management

Branch Management

Branch Management


Launch Events

Brand-themed Parties

Community Building

Sponsorship Marketing

Celebrity & Influencer Promotion

Cross Marketing Collaborations with Other Brands


Viral Content Creation

Advertisement Placement

Guerilla Marketing

Video Production

Graphic Design



Business Development

Brand Affiliation

Trade Shows

Social Media Management


Ad network campaigning

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